Friday, 4 August 2017

Happy Birthday SMS

Birthday comes once in every year and is special to everyone. On such a special occasion when receives a heart-warming message from their loved ones they feel good. Just a few words, expressions, and emotions on a piece of paper, card, or even through mobile SMS adds more charm and joy to the day.

A birthday message is not just a message but a feeling from within and an expression of emotion. It is a wish and pray a person makes for someone he or she really loves or admires. Just a few words from deep within the heart will touch every string of the recipient's heart and the day of celebration becomes more joyful and thrilling.

In the present busy schedule of every life it's difficult to visit personally on any birthday occasion and so birthday SMS have become a common way of sending wishes and brightening the day of the recipient. This way even if the giver is far away the recipient feels the intimacy of the relationship shared and the closeness with that specified person.

A typical birthday SMS is a phrase that the sender wishes for the receiver. It can be cheerful, motivational, funny, emotional, or even naughty. Apart from this the SMS can be love quotes, friendship quotes, or even simple words expressing all the feelings and emotions of the sender. This small and sweet SMS is the best way of sending across birthday wishes and the most affordable means of communication these days.

Depending on the age of the receiver and the kind of relationship shared, SMS can be categorized to fit the occasion without hurting the sentiments of the other person. Depending on age, relationship shared with the receiver, and gender, SMS can be of various types and forms. Furthermore, humorous lines can be added to any to add a special touch of liveliness and joyfulness. If the person is elderly don't pass on phrases and quotes that are funny and naughty but if there is a friend at the other end, funny, naughty, and emotional messages are extremely cheering.

SMS technology has completely changed the way people think and feel. With this technology it's easy to stay close with anyone at any period of time irrespective of the geographical barriers.

Just take out one moment from your busy schedule to send an SMS to your loved ones. Believe one moment spared will definitely bring a smile on the face of the receiver.

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