Friday, 4 August 2017

Free Birthday E Cards

Unless you are Martha Stewart, you've forgotten someone's birthday, and I bet if Martha would admit it, she has probably forgotten someone's birthday too.

What do you do then, when your friend/ spouse/ child's feelings are hurt? A free birthday e card may very well get you out of HOT WATER, and looking like you really DO have it all together, even if - like me - you don't.

There are several things that I really like about sending e cards. One is that there is a super ton of variety. There are thousands of designs to choose from, and they go WAY beyond what you can get in paper. Another is that for those of us who procrastinate or who tend toward ADD (like me) they are as quick as the click of your mouse. And the last thing is that you can get some super cool online cards for FREE. That is the right price, in my opinion. :)

But the BEST way to use online free greetings to get out of the "oops I forgot your birthday dog house" is to get creative.

Because these cards are quick, easy, and free you can send a free birthday e card whenever.

So here is what you do when your special someone asks "do you remember what day it is?". Go to your computer and grab a 3 free cards that match their personality, create a personal message and split it into 3 parts and attach to the cards with messages like "more to come" or "don't forget to open your next card", and then send all 3. This way, it will LOOK like a thoughtful, careful message even if it only took you a few minutes, and most importantly it will win you brownie points.

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