Friday, 4 August 2017

Birthday Poems

Let your personality shine through with a one-of-a-kind birthday verse; with special birthday poems, you will let your friends and loved ones know that you are truly thinking of them as they celebrate another year. Imagine the look on your mother's face as she reads the words, in verse form, that tell her how much she means to you.  Or picture your sweetheart hearing the real, deep feelings you have for her in words that tell her how much you love her as only poetry can express.

Birthday poems are a unique and personal way to let someone you love know how you truly feel.  If you, like so many of us, find it difficult to put your emotions into words, let a poem do the talking for you. A funny birthday poem is a great way to boost the spirits of someone who is not quite so thrilled about turning another year older.  For a light-hearted greeting, you can get a kick out of reminding your younger brother or sister of some of your mischievous moments growing up.   Or highlight an important and meaningful event in your lives by commemorating it with a birthday verse.

And what about those milestone birthdays?  Why not mark these major occasions with birthday poems to celebrate another decade?  A 40th or 50th birthday is really a day to remember - don't let the big ones go by without saluting the event - or rubbing it in! A 1st birthday poem makes a wonderful keepsake to remember that first precious year.  And older children are so excited on their birthdays - make the day even more fun and exciting with a personal poem meant just for them.

Whether you choose a birthday poem that is sweet and thoughtful, full of love, tender and caring, or just plain funny, you will be giving a unique gift that lasts a lifetime.  Anyone can shop for a birthday gift, and so often it is a last minute chore.  When you make the effort to pick out a birthday rhyme that reflects the fun or solemnity of the occasion or puts your true feelings into words, you show that your loved one really means something special to you.

When you take the time to select special birthday poems, your loved ones will be able to feel how much you really care.  You will put a sparkle in their eye and a twinkle on their face when they read the verses meant just for them.  Who knows? - This could be the start of a family tradition that will last for years to come.  Mark a special celebration with birthday poems that seem custom written for the birthday boy or girl.

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